Saturday, August 13, 2011

Makoto-Bal Harbour

Hiramasa with Yuzu and Serrano

I will start off this blog attesting to my undying love for all things Asian culture... more specific Japanese culture and food. Ive been to all of the top Japanese restaurants in Miami and yet it took me forever to get up to Bal Harbour to try the well received restaurant headed by the powerhouse Starr Restaurant Group and Chef Makoto.

Kobe Beef with Hot Stone

I finally made my way all the way up to Bal Harbour and drove into the beautiful Bal Harbour Shops which conveniently dropped me off right in front of this beautiful space that Makoto occupies. As I walk in tables are full and bustling with beautiful people chatting about their gossip and news to tell their friends in the outdoor patio area. It is quite a rush to walk in looking good friend in tow and hungry for some amazing Japanese. We walk in and patiently wait...(cricket chirps)...wait... look at all what looks like 8 hostesses and managers talking amongst themselves backs to us... c'mon guys... really don't ruin it for me now... we finally got their attention and we were sat at the sushi bar per my request.

Shrimp Tempura Roll with Curry Aioli
As we sat down our lovely sushi chefs welcomed us to Makoto. These guys were great!!! if I only had to deal with them I would be so happy. They were welcoming and enjoyable to speak with... can I say these guys were geisha's for women. intellectual, quick witted, funny poised and good with their hands.. SUSHI MAKING... PEOPLE!!!  we ordered a myriad of different plates and all were enjoyable. We started with a special of Hiramasa crudo with yuzu and micro cilantro, fresh, inviting and wonderful on the palate. Next we had what I got to sample at Taste of the Nation which was the crispy rice and spicy tuna... OMG this needs to be one of their signature dishes because it has all the flavors and textural differences you need to enjoy spicy tuna, I think this dish is one step up from spicy tuna with tempura flakes. Can we say spicy tuna 2.0?? Next dish that was brought out was a Kobe beef dish that was a cook it yourself with a hot stone and some dipping sauce, not revolutionary but it was fun to play with your food before you eat it. Next we had the robata short rib... yum yum yum!!! Flavors were on point... sometimes i wish short rib could be hotter temperature wise... I know its hard to make hot just because it will fall apart but it was a 9.8 and 10 would have been if it was hotter, it has not deterred me from eating it again; I had it this week and I still loved it. After the amazing short rib I sampled some of my friends shrimp tempura roll with a curry aioli. wow! What a new way to serve this dish, curry gave it a new flavor profile I had not tried before in a sushi roll and it excited my palate.

On to my main attraction which was my Otoro sashimi (if you are not familiar it is basically the belly of the tuna, the most prized piece of the tuna in Japanese culture, Chutoro is another good piece but your comparing Filet Mignon to Flank steak). Its like m&ms melts in your mouth not in your hands. Amazing cuts from our sushi man and beautiful texture. We rounded out our evening with a wahoo crudo which was lovely with shallot and radish as well as a sweet robata lobster and an amazing dessert of cooked apples and other fruits in a passion fruit sauce with a mango sorbet. All of the plating and execution of all of our food was outstanding and lives up to all of its hype. Our experience was an incredible journey into Chef Makoto's Culinary Masterpieces and I would be thrilled to come again any time.

~Lady of the Knife~

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  1. Thanks Christine for the amazing review! I'm sorry I always miss you when you come. I'm usually off on Sundays and Monday's!

    I'm sorry about being ignored when you walked in. The managers have a pre shift meeting during slower hours of the day so that the servers can know the specials of the day. Also during lunch, there's one hostess & 2 entrances. However, I'm happy my sushi chefs were good to you.

    Hope to meet you soon and thank you again for your love and support.