Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Executive Chef leaves Market 17

Through a friend of a friend, I found out that over the weekend, Chef Ramos has left Market 17 in Ft. Lauderdale due to a family emergency. He has stepped down to care for his family member and from what I saw tonight they may need to get someone in there pronto. They are currently looking for a new Executive Chef.

Lady of the Knife

Friday, September 16, 2011

5 Things I learned from working at Phuc Yea

After helping out in the Phuc Yea kitchen for a night I decided to make a list of things one would learn while helping out in a dank Vietnamese Pop Up Restaurant.

1. Sharpie bleeds through Parchment Paper. We learned this after Melissa (our awesome waitress) drew Phuc Yea on Parchment Paper to make a sign for the front door and accidentally left a carbon copy on some pretty obscure places. Lets just say she learned a lesson and Phuc Yea officially has left a mark in downtown Miami.

2. Daniel is a silly goose & a really cool guy. Dan, one of the partners was teaching me how to cook some of the items but all awhile he was making jokes and telling me all about his stint at Momofuku and all the other cool places in New York. He also tried to leave me in a haunted stairwell. Ill forgive him this time. Also his street name comes from the popular dish Veal Bobotie from Nemesis Urban Bistro (my other spot)  from his love of the name and the dish.

3. Cesar knows his SHIT! I'm sure I annoyed the crap out of him because I asked so many questions... whats this? whats that? how do you do that? How do you cook Jellyfish? but he was kind enough to tell me exactly how everything was made and even let me help him with the more intricate dishes.

4. Aniece is Bad Ass! If you've met her... you know and if you haven't you should. This woman is known throughout the foodie world as a FOH extraordinaire, She is calm and cool under pressure and can handle pretty much anything. Our after hours talk was real and was almost like talking with an old friend about the biz. That's my kinda peoples right there.

5. Phuc Yea is blowing up! While there I had a camera right on my mandoline and knife techniques and all around the kitchen... because of all nights... when I was there, Deco Drive came in with Belkys Nerey to do a shoot on the newest restaurant in town. Watch out for it going on da tube soon.

Thank you again to Lulu, Ceeroks and Bo-Bo T for having me in your home and thanks for everyone who came out to say hi to me. Go check out the place if you haven't!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Miami Chef Series: Juliana Gonzales- Barceloneta

Chef Juliana

 Young, Beautiful, Talented, Successful are some of the adjectives that describe what Miami puts on a pedestal. For my very first Chef Interview Series I chose someone who personifies all of these qualities. Meet Juliana, some might have seen her around the hugely popular Pubbelly on South Beach, her husband Sergio is one of the partners of the restaurant. With all of the success of Pubbelly, the group of friends have decided to expand with two new restaurants. A Sushi joint that is set to open in October and Chef Juliana's baby, Barceloneta a Spanish inspired restaurant catered to Catalonyan fare with a tapas twist. The Puerto Rican native sat down with me in her beautiful new restaurant to tell me all about her new restaurant and her impressive resume.
When I first walked in to Pubbelly to meet Juliana she immediatly radiated a beautiful pearly white smile, welcomed me with open arms and dragged me over to Barceloneta. As we walked in I felt as if I had won the culinary jackpot. How many times do you get to see a restaurant and the chef before it opens? I felt so lucky as she was showing me the cute little pots and pans they will be using for service and all of the behind the scenes looks that not too many people get to see. We then sit down to discuss what is really going on in her hectic life.

Entrance right around the corner from Pubbelly

May I just say as we sit down to talk it is almost as if we have known each other for years. These interviews take no more than 15 minutes but we spent about an hour just going back and forth about Spain, Spanish lifestyle and culture and just all the fun things in life. My first question is what brought her to Pubbelly, she told me that she had done her Johnson and Wales internship overseas in Spain working for a Michelin Star Restaurant La Broche, when they brought the restaurant to Miami they wanted to take her with them, which she did. There she met her friend Jose who would come in to eat, the friendship eventuallybrought him in to become the head chef of Pubbelly. The strong ties to Hispanic upbringing and Spanish training bonded them which was never forgotten. When asked what her favorite stlye of cooking for her it should have been to obvious, she responded with Spanish. She then explained that one of her mentors Chef Jordi formerly of Mosaico played a crucial part for her love of Catalonian cuisine. The Barcelonian native gave her the tools she needed to explore her love of this amazing culture whom she credits to this day for her success. When I came in to eat at Pubbelly a couple days ago, Chef Jordi was there and you could tell that he was very important to her, something I understand very much, my mentor means the world to me and there isnt a time that I dont want to appreciate and show gratitude for all that he has taught me. When I asked what the menu was going to look like she gave it to me short and simple. Fresh, clean flavors; nothing over complicated, food the way its supposed to be. Of course you wouldnt think the Pubbelly crew would ever make it that simple, Juliana will bring in a French flair to the dishes. There will be terrines, pates and influences of French all througout her menu, fitting due to France being so close to Spain to begin with. The blackboard will feature the "Mercat" menu with a daily selection of raw bar ingredients as well as beautiful seafood and meats cooked a la plancha. There will also be a bistro style menu of some of the more steadfast menu items that will sure to please all with a full bar boasting Spanish infuences. When asked her experience about being a girl in the industry she smiled and laughed. She loves being a girl in the kitchen, just like myself she enjoys being on the line with all guys and having a good time with them. "Most people never thought I was a Chef, they immediatly dismissed me as a FOH manager or something else but I am a Chef! I can cook and I can hang with the boys" She told me she never had a problem with the boys teasing her or anything if you can just stick it out and show them that you can hang and be tough then they respect you and that is what she got. When asked her favorite food memory she told me that walking into the kitchen in Spain for the first time she knew it was going to be something special. The dedication and talent in that kitchen left her wanting more. The passion of the cooks and all of the products gave her the drive and motivation to be in that world and to make it the best experience possible. Chef Juliana then went on to tell me Barceloneta will be opening as soon as the permits come in, from what she thinks its looking like mid to late September 2011 for Dinner and will eventually offer Brunch. After talking to this woman I know she has what it takes to make this restaurant amazing. I dont get to meet too many people who have as much drive, determination and passion as she does and if that is any indication of this restaurants success than it will prove to be a powerhouse in Miami for years to come.

Bar area at Barceloneta

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Phuc Yea! ....More than just an awesome name

 First DB Moderne Bistro, then Geoffrey Zakarian comes back to open Tudor House,and Jose Andres is bringing his big guns with the Bazaar. Miami is really getting its footing in the culinary scene. You have heard of Chef Ludo taking an already established restaurant space and turning into a one-night, one week or 3 month stint doing whatever food is at his whim. this concept is called a "pop-up" restaurant. So popular in Europe and on the West Coast and New York of the US Miami is lucky enough to get the taste of the good stuff. Aniece Meinhold and Cesar Zapata formerly of the Blue Piano in the Design District were considered the power team behind the locally accepted hangout. Now they have moved on to their new concept with Daniel Treiman, here is some more information about the already buzzing Phuc Yea!

What: Phuc Yea! pronounced [fook-yey']
Miami's First Vietnamese "Pop-Up" Restaurant

Where: 19 SE 2nd Avenue housed in the current Crown Bistro

Operation Hours:
Opening Sept. 8th 2011 til November 2011

Price Range: $5-$28

Influences: Aniece Meinhold (Partner) is of Vietnamese decent, with her mothers original recipes from which the menu flourishes and the trios globetrotting backgrounds gives the style of which the concept derives. Menu will contain influences from Vietnamese cuisine as well as modern techniques

Menu: Menu will work as followed: a weekly changing menu consisting of 3 parts. “1 – một,” “2 – hai” and “3 – ba”, representing the size of the plates in that section.

The “1 – một” section includes a selection of fresh and fried “rolls” wrapped in moistened rice paper with various fillings, such as “Cha Gio” (imperial rolls, pork, crab, shrimp, glass noodles, $6) and “Bo Bia” (pork sausage, dried shrimp, jicama, herbs, $6) as well as other street food inspirations and various versions of the ubiquitous “Banh Mi” sandwich.
“2 – hai” will focus on appetizers meant for sharing such as “Ca Com Chien Don” (“fish ‘n chips,” crispy smelts, jalapenos, lemon aioli, $12), “Heo Xao Chua Ngot” (sweet ‘n sour chicharrones, crispy pork belly, pineapples, pickled onions, red bell peppers, $9), “Suon Heo Rim” (Vietnamese caramelized riblets, $8.5), “Goi Du Du” (green papaya salad, roasted pork, cherry tomatoes, roasted peanuts, shrimp chips, $10) and “So Hap Xa” (spicy steamed mussels, lemon grass, beer, herb butter, chiles, crusty bread, $10.5) Daily specials will also make their rounds including items such as “Indochine Pork Rillettes,” “Salt ‘n Pepper Squid,” and “Crispy Fish Salad.”
“3 – ba” section offers larger dishes inspired by the lettuce wrap. Expertly roasted proteins like “5 Spice Pork Belly,” “Crispy Duck Confit,” and “BBQ Brisket” star all wrapped up in vibrantly fresh herbs, homemade pickles and crisp greens.

I cant wait to try out this new concept, the mix of quality ingredients & high end technique should spark a lot of interest in the area. See you Sept. 8th!
tạm biệt
~Lady of the Knife~

Monday, August 22, 2011

15 Minutes of Fame

I recently had a small dinner party to...just have fun really. I invited some of my industry friends & also a twitter friend.. Her name is Susie Wong, who invited her friend Journalist and Fromage expert Mandy Baca. As we had our amazing meal we talked about everything that has to do with food and the industry. After, Mandy asked if she could interview me for Short Order. I was flattered,honored and slightly confused... I'm just a line cook who works hard and tries to learn everything that I can, but she saw something special... Please Enjoy!


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Makoto-Bal Harbour

Hiramasa with Yuzu and Serrano

I will start off this blog attesting to my undying love for all things Asian culture... more specific Japanese culture and food. Ive been to all of the top Japanese restaurants in Miami and yet it took me forever to get up to Bal Harbour to try the well received restaurant headed by the powerhouse Starr Restaurant Group and Chef Makoto.

Kobe Beef with Hot Stone

I finally made my way all the way up to Bal Harbour and drove into the beautiful Bal Harbour Shops which conveniently dropped me off right in front of this beautiful space that Makoto occupies. As I walk in tables are full and bustling with beautiful people chatting about their gossip and news to tell their friends in the outdoor patio area. It is quite a rush to walk in looking good friend in tow and hungry for some amazing Japanese. We walk in and patiently wait...(cricket chirps)...wait... look at all what looks like 8 hostesses and managers talking amongst themselves backs to us... c'mon guys... really don't ruin it for me now... we finally got their attention and we were sat at the sushi bar per my request.

Shrimp Tempura Roll with Curry Aioli
As we sat down our lovely sushi chefs welcomed us to Makoto. These guys were great!!! if I only had to deal with them I would be so happy. They were welcoming and enjoyable to speak with... can I say these guys were geisha's for women. intellectual, quick witted, funny poised and good with their hands.. SUSHI MAKING... PEOPLE!!!  we ordered a myriad of different plates and all were enjoyable. We started with a special of Hiramasa crudo with yuzu and micro cilantro, fresh, inviting and wonderful on the palate. Next we had what I got to sample at Taste of the Nation which was the crispy rice and spicy tuna... OMG this needs to be one of their signature dishes because it has all the flavors and textural differences you need to enjoy spicy tuna, I think this dish is one step up from spicy tuna with tempura flakes. Can we say spicy tuna 2.0?? Next dish that was brought out was a Kobe beef dish that was a cook it yourself with a hot stone and some dipping sauce, not revolutionary but it was fun to play with your food before you eat it. Next we had the robata short rib... yum yum yum!!! Flavors were on point... sometimes i wish short rib could be hotter temperature wise... I know its hard to make hot just because it will fall apart but it was a 9.8 and 10 would have been if it was hotter, it has not deterred me from eating it again; I had it this week and I still loved it. After the amazing short rib I sampled some of my friends shrimp tempura roll with a curry aioli. wow! What a new way to serve this dish, curry gave it a new flavor profile I had not tried before in a sushi roll and it excited my palate.

On to my main attraction which was my Otoro sashimi (if you are not familiar it is basically the belly of the tuna, the most prized piece of the tuna in Japanese culture, Chutoro is another good piece but your comparing Filet Mignon to Flank steak). Its like m&ms melts in your mouth not in your hands. Amazing cuts from our sushi man and beautiful texture. We rounded out our evening with a wahoo crudo which was lovely with shallot and radish as well as a sweet robata lobster and an amazing dessert of cooked apples and other fruits in a passion fruit sauce with a mango sorbet. All of the plating and execution of all of our food was outstanding and lives up to all of its hype. Our experience was an incredible journey into Chef Makoto's Culinary Masterpieces and I would be thrilled to come again any time.

~Lady of the Knife~

Friday, July 22, 2011

Michy's Midtown

Yes, I may have been the only one in Miami that has not been to any of Michelle Bernstein's restaurants. But as of a couple weeks ago I have been slowly trying each of her different evolutions. First I went to Sra. Martinez with a fellow cook and we were able to have some fantastic tapas, a special thank you from Steven, one of the cooks in charge of the Charcuterie that night (pleasant conversation) I then went with my former co-worker Joel for a lunch at Crumb on Parchment. I loved everything about the place from the mismatched chairs to the employees aprons and just the sweet southern feel of this trendy little breakfast and lunch spot. Then FINALLY the other night I dined at her name sake. May I just say from the outside one would not expect what is on the inside, the midtown motif of the outside is nothing like the inside of what looks like a restaurant in South Beach or the Design District. We came in through the back which is the front through the little bistro style outdoor seating. As we entered we walk through the hallway that opens up to this amazing dining area. You know your somewhere special when you run into 3 old co-workers (foodies as well) and the grill cook who I'm friends with all in the first 15 seconds of walking in. I am so impressed by the decor. The walls are beautifully painted with the modern chandeliers and cute floral chairs have an "OMG you know a girl with some serious design skills owns this place" moment. As we sit down we are warmly greeted by our server and bread and drinks were offered.. Attention: only bad thing of the night is the bread was a little old... yes I'm in the industry and yes I was dining with a pastry chef so I'm sorry I was bound to catch it. After the bread we went with trying a little of everything.. My guest raved about the Croquettes so we had to get that, we also got the Ceviche of the day as well as the Ricotta Gnochetti, Polenta with Truffled Poached Egg, Duck Confit,  and the Short Ribs. The Blue Cheese and Serrano Croquettes when placed on the table vaguely resembled a croquette that you would normally find on calle ocho but when you bite inside there is a myriad of flavors and textures that is sure to delight your palate. The Ceviche also caught my interest simple in plating yet perfect in execution. the different shellfish brought out a textural difference which I thoroughly enjoyed. The next round of food was the Duck Confit and Polenta. I'm sorry Duck Confit you got overshadowed by this amazing dish. The polenta is beautifully cooked with truffle and truffle oil and a perfectly poached egg in the center. The Duck was also good with its beautifully dressed Brussel Sprouts salad. As that course was taken away, Chef Michelle (may I just say gorgeous) made her rounds going up to many tables much of them what looked like regulars and friends. Even a couple stopping her for pictures. She is obviously a superstar in her own right. With 3 successful restaurants under her belt and more on the way, a public channel show and countless spots on many culinary national TV shows She is really one of the Bad ass Women in the Chef World. We then received the sweetbreads that I can say is the best Offal I have had in Miami. Perfectly cooked with black eyed peas this if only one thing needs to be reordered off of her menu. The last course was the Gnochetti and Short Ribs. The Gnochetti made with ricotta was wet with a beautiful herb or pesto sauce mixed with some beautifully sauteed carrots. this was a beautiful dish full of bright colors and flavors. The great ending to our meal was the fall off the bone short ribs. The boneless dish proved to be all that it was stated as. soft and delicate meat with the cauliflower mash and the lovely vegetables placed underneath. Wonderfully seasoned! As the icing on the cake we ordered the famously admired Baked Alaska. Even though it wasn't flaming when it came out (big disappointment because I'm a little child at heart and I wanted a flaming dessert) the flavors under the meringue were sinfully delicious. The Dulce De Leche ice cream was so full of deep intense caramel flavor I wish I had room for more. As we left I was definitely planning my trip to return. Michy's still got it and going strong!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Grand Dessert Tasting with Chef Antonio Bachour

When you are invited by a Chef that has been honored with the Top Ten Pastry Chefs in America, you make time to eat anything he has coming to you. I was honored Friday the 1st of July by being welcomed to Solea, a Spanish restaurant in the W Hotel in South Beach. When I entered the Hotel synonymous with luxury lifestyle in one of the most lavish cities in America I knew I was in for a treat. The beautiful foyer was warm and inviting with a low murmured bustle of the tourists ready for the fourth of July celebrations. Many welcomes came my way as I made my way towards the restaurant from employees of this breath-taking building. I waltzed to the host stand and I was warmly greeted by the hostess who already knew that we were coming (love the gesture) we were then greeted by Chef Antonio who welcomed us with open arms into the dining room. We were seated right in the middle of the room filled with high ceilings beautiful tapestry and large slabs of marble in front of the open garde manger/charcuterie station. Our waiter Kevin was FANTASTIC! His caring and considerate nature made our stay in his "home" a warm one. Now to the real treat, Chef Antonio then informed us that we were in for an 8 COURSE TASTING...(time for me to unbuckle any belt I was wearing, oh wait I wore a dress I'm all good!) Our first two plates came out at the same time
First plate I gazed my hazel eyes upon was a clean and simple Strawberry Terrine. The pristine lines and beautiful touch of the strawberry caviar made me draw closer to this dish that was the gateway drug to my next 7. I completely understand why Chef Antonio decided to start my tasting off with this plate. Simplicity and beauty mixed with the seemingly flawless terrine gave way to me wanting more and more. I would even say this dish is a great way to end a summer meal sitting outside gazing at the beautiful beaches of Miami.
I then was introduced to a dish brilliantly titled Berries and Cream. A Cream and strawberry "tube of deliciousness" complimented by a beautiful arrangement of sliced strawberries, strawberry caviar and a beautiful foam sitting next to a beautifully quenelled ice cream. I really love the plating of this dish, it requires a lot of out of the box thinking.
The next course that was brought out was intriguing by both the plate up and by the description. A beautifully colored geometric yet sleek dessert known as Lychee Granita. A beautifully slushy like granita with a powerful aroma of sweet lychees sitting on a bed of white chocolate and playfully paired with an amazing Campari and grapefruit gelee. This dessert in my opinion is a great example of why Chef Bachour is as acclaimed as he is. The layers of the different flavors, textures and techniques showcase brightly through the glass it sits in. Each flavor plays off the next and it takes a step into forward thinking of cuisine.
Our next course was a Japanese style panna cotta this was the tables favorite dish. Silky smooth with subtle hints of tang from the mango gelee which perfectly complimented the raspberry gelato with a pistachio crumble. This dish was perfectly executed!
Passion fruit Meringue with basil and passion fruit gelees complimented with a coconut powder sitting below a refreshing coconut sorbet. The basil was a perfect hint to balance the dish with the tartness of the passion fruit.
For the sixth course we dined on a decadent Manchego cheesecake dressed with meringue tubes and edible gold flakes. Complimenting the cake is a beautiful arrangement of mango and passion fruit as well as a mango sorbet.
My personal favorite was our seventh dish. It was simply titled Creme Catalon. This dish derives from Spain as a more citrus inspired brother of the Creme Brulee. When I first took a bite of this custard I noticed it lacked the citrus punch I was used to when I had the dish in Spain but then it hit me that is why the beautifully fresh orange segments and dehydrated orange chip lay next to the smooth torchoned custard. The deconstructed dish delighted not only my mind but also my stomach. The cinnamon ice cream was a perfect way to incorporate the spices that are normally in the Creme Catalon. 

For what I thought was going to be our final course was a dish that I have been waiting for. One of Chef's signature Bacon and Brownies dish. The brownie was a rich and creamy "cake" served with a playfully designed chocolate tube as well as one of the best damn ice creams I have ever tasted. Chef explained that after rendering the fat of the bacon it was steeped with the cream for the ice cream to give the taste of eating bacon. Let me tell you that was amazing. When presented with the dish you could not detect anything. But as I brought my nose closer to the ice cream you could smell the distinct scent of waking up in the morning and knowing that someone is cooking bacon. Incredibly enough the taste followed through the cream slightly muffled the taste but all of bacon-y goodness still filled your mouth. This dish is a success.

So let me just tell you at this point we cannot move.. we cannot think... sugar coma is starting to go into effect. A whirlwind of such an amazing experience is racing through my head and then Chef says... ready for more??? My stomach says no... you have been done 5 desserts ago.. my mind says...YES! YES! YES! So he convinces us to have three more desserts! The last three desserts were also as good as the last eight simple concepts but big payoff each so different yet so delicious. We had the Key Lime Pie with beautiful fresh raspberries... so plump and juicy! (may I say all produce on all of the plates brought out were of such high quality! the size and flavor each one presented was apparent of Chef's consideration of perfection) The next was a Dulce De Leche with banana that was caramelized with a beautiful tower of cream and thin crisps accompanied by banana sorbet. SO GOOD! To finally conclude the tasting was a name perfectly fitting of this dish, "Sabotage." I felt sabotaged when I was presented with this dish that literally left me admiring its structure and plating. the beautiful collection of different kinds of chocolate topped off an impeccable meal (can you call all desserts a meal? I think yes) I would like to thank so deeply Chef Antonio and his staff at Solea for an unbelievable experience. This will never be forgotten.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Will Work for Food(Experience)

I have always been told by all of my chefs and all of the instructors that I have always learned from that a chef is always learning always watching, as a somewhat young and pretty green member of the Kitchen world I know that anything I can absorb like a little sponge will be greatly appreciated. I was told by a very wise man that I should read about the famous and ever loved Marco Pierre White. In his book he writes that everyone wears blue commis apron even himself as a sign that everyone is still learning. Many people take many different routes to attain the "ENLIGHTENMENT" of the food world; some people in my mind have attained such nirvana such as Thomas Keller, Ferran Adria, Marco Pierre White, Rene Redzepi and Juan Roca, there are many more but I don't have all day. Chefs spend years working and shedding blood sweat and tears just to know half of what these masters know. I want to know more, I want to work over a 1500 degree oven and cry when I get home because I messed up the puree, I want to work with the most obscure and the most beautiful produce I can procure. I want to travel the world and try foods that haven't even seen American soil. I want to go and milk a goat in Sicily, I want to work with Miamis best chefs and then work with the worlds best chefs. Isn't that any ones dream? All of that needs to start from somewhere. Normally one would Stage, for those of you not in with the kitchen lingo, stage is to go and work briefly for free in another Chef''s kitchen, they will then learn their techniques and cooking styles, in return the Chef has free labor for that amount of time. As I have progressed in my knowledge I know that it is time for me to learn more. That being said I want to start to Stage in different kitchens around Miami or surrounding areas. I want to broaden my horizons and network with the people that make the Miami food scene what it is. Any suggestions? How should I go about this? Thanks for any help!


~Lady of the Knife~

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pour Me a Sweet Tea and Keep 'Em Comin

Calling all Southern Connoisseurs and pretty much anyone with a love for home-made, just like your momma made it, rib sticking good food. YardBird Southern Table and Bar will be opening in August by former Gigi Chef Jeff McInnis. A native North-Floridian, he sure should know a thing or two about Southern fare.The restaurant is slated to open in August right off of 16th St. and Lenox Ave in the heart of South Beach. I have had the pleasure of speaking with Chef Jeff on a couple occasions while he was top dog at Gigi (while the food was good) He seemed like such a chill and laid back guy with a love for really tasty food, hes pretty humble even though he is one of the few Miami chefs that have reached national notoriety (his Top Chef appearance gave him the spotlight he needed to make a big name for himself in Miami) It has been told that Yardbird is going to be southern fine dining with all the southern hospitality to boot. This might seem like a good idea since it is a demographic that hasn't been filled especially with some of the over the top, frou-frou and sometimes pretentious food that has been coming out of South Beach lately. Find more info at the cleverly named website runchickenrun.com. Wait and Watch.

~Lady of the Knife~

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Whats in the Risotto Again?

That was exactly what I was saying tonight during service, I guess my mind totally checked out the minute I left for Europe because it was all day of... Wheres this pan? What temperature do I put the Circulator on for? Where are my rags? Why cant I find any of my garnishing powders. Anyways, we FINALLY started our new menus YAAAYYY!!! We brought on a lovely Lobster Bisque with a Truffle Creme Fraiche, A Fig and Prociutto Salad with Spiced Pistachios(SOO GOOD!!! I was eating them all day), Roasted Sea Bass with PEI Mussels and Manila Clams dripping with a beautiful Tomato and Lobster Jus Reduction YUM YUM YUM. We changed our Lamb to be a little more homey with an inclusion of a Polenta and Fig cake that is placed under the beautiful Medium Rare hue of the Lamb Rack. And for the most popular dish of the night is our new Surf N'Turf. it is a tender and juicy 7 oz. Filet(roasted) with a HUGE Prawn that is beautifully grilled to perfection. it sits above a silky spicy carrot puree and roasted root vegtables. You gotta come try this one, its everything you need all on one plate! Oh yeah, I never told you i work at Eos in the Viceroy. Goodnight!!

Back to the Grind

Well... today I go back to work after an amazing two weeks in Europe tasting some of the best food in the world and seeing some of the most beautiful cities to boot. (blog to come) I think menus have changed, we have gotten a new intern (fun for me) and im a little out of practice. Should be a fun day.

Secret Society Dinner-Cobaya Area 31

Can I just say this is one of the cooler concepts to be happening in Miami right now!  There is an underground secret dining club that gets together every so often (the Chowfather is one of them) and gets to try these menus that let the chefs go wild. I was lucky enough to snag the last ticket to the event that happened tonight at Area 31 in the EPIC Hotel. I was plesently suprised to see how this society worked, you were picked at random from an email resonse you send in to get the invitation to go to this meal. There is about 25-30 people that got to go and you have a wonderful tasting with or without wine and it is in a communal table arrangment so you got to meet a whole bunch of cool people from all walks of life. But the coolest catch is you dont know the place (until right before it happens) and you definetly dont know the meal. You will know when they set the menu before you. For a chef this is highly intriging because we try the same things day in and day out so this is very amuzing. We started with a beautiful Amuse Bouche, tomato and peach with truffled cheese and a basil top from paradise farms to top it out, clean simple DELISH; Then we had the Cobia Ceviche wow! There was obviously alot of thought and work that went into that dish.the cuts were beautiful and the texture was all there. Then for my favorite there was the foie gras fluff, so smooth, it was like eatin butter haha beautifully composed the Foie just melted in your mouth and the maldon gave it that extra flavor it needed. Then I had the Flounder with Asparagus and Vanilla Turnip puree... not my favorite I think since my piece was relitivly smaller than everyone elses my piece of flounder was overcooked but it was also underseasoned. oh well on to the next, Then came the crab and diver scallop with farro and coconut broth (couldnt find it) farro was cooked nicely and the english peas were a nice pop of color and flavor. One of the tops in my night had to be the sous vide duck with pork belly confit. OMG the pork belly blew my mind!! SO GOOD! For me duck is not the best choice for sous vide unless it gets a bad ass sear on it after its done cooking in the vaccum. Duck tends to be chewy anyways so maybe not the best. if that duck was braised I would have loved it forever Then came dessert filled with cherry sorbet, dehydrated mousse, greek yogurt panna cotta and truffles to top off the decadence. Wow that was such a beautiful panna cotta kudos to whoever made that one. I would have to say I will be excited to try out Area 31 again. The new Chef looks like he really knows his stuff. Overall this secret dining society is like my new guilty pleasure. Who wouldnt want to meet with some amazing people who like to eat good food just as much as you do. As for telling you anything about contacts ill have to leave you with the famous quote from Gossip Girl "and thats the secret Ill never tell, until again XOXO Gossip Girl"

To Good Friends and Good Food

~Lady of the Knife~

Monday, June 13, 2011

Down the Rabbit Hole

Hey everyone!!!!! This is my first official BLOG!!!! so exciting... anyways welcome to my world. My name is Christine Guzman. I am presently 23 and I live in Miami, Midtown more officially. I work in the food industry and love every second. I graduated from Johnson and Wales University for Culinary Arts not too long ago so I am still a blossoming flower (squash blossom to be exact hehe) I have a twitter that you can follow @christyg21887  anyways getting to the heart of my blog, I am fortunate enough to get to experience many of the great restaurants Miami has to offer. I have also had many a friend tell me why not start to write about the experiences, lets just say yelp.com wasnt personal enough for me (although a great way to find good eats). I also have people ask me all the time about work and whats going on in the industry so why not make a website for all needs and curiosities.I love to get responses and I will try and reply to all. Enough about me and more about the food. Please enjoy.

To Great Friends and Great Food,

~Lady of the Knife~