Sunday, June 19, 2011

Will Work for Food(Experience)

I have always been told by all of my chefs and all of the instructors that I have always learned from that a chef is always learning always watching, as a somewhat young and pretty green member of the Kitchen world I know that anything I can absorb like a little sponge will be greatly appreciated. I was told by a very wise man that I should read about the famous and ever loved Marco Pierre White. In his book he writes that everyone wears blue commis apron even himself as a sign that everyone is still learning. Many people take many different routes to attain the "ENLIGHTENMENT" of the food world; some people in my mind have attained such nirvana such as Thomas Keller, Ferran Adria, Marco Pierre White, Rene Redzepi and Juan Roca, there are many more but I don't have all day. Chefs spend years working and shedding blood sweat and tears just to know half of what these masters know. I want to know more, I want to work over a 1500 degree oven and cry when I get home because I messed up the puree, I want to work with the most obscure and the most beautiful produce I can procure. I want to travel the world and try foods that haven't even seen American soil. I want to go and milk a goat in Sicily, I want to work with Miamis best chefs and then work with the worlds best chefs. Isn't that any ones dream? All of that needs to start from somewhere. Normally one would Stage, for those of you not in with the kitchen lingo, stage is to go and work briefly for free in another Chef''s kitchen, they will then learn their techniques and cooking styles, in return the Chef has free labor for that amount of time. As I have progressed in my knowledge I know that it is time for me to learn more. That being said I want to start to Stage in different kitchens around Miami or surrounding areas. I want to broaden my horizons and network with the people that make the Miami food scene what it is. Any suggestions? How should I go about this? Thanks for any help!


~Lady of the Knife~

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